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Hotels & Resorts in Karjat :
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Rivergate Resort Karjat
Discover Resort Neral Karjat
Sevenstar Holiday Resort Karjat
Lossa Pa - The Club Karjat
Piccadilly Resort Karjat
Pinewood Resort Karjat
Satya Waterwoods Resort Karjat
Prakruti Farm Karjat
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Karjat - At a Glance
At a great height, surrounded by an expanse of agricultural land and dotted by farmhouses, Karjat comes close to a fantasy hilly town. Karjat, well connected by road and rail from Mumbai, is one of the cleanest hill stations of Maharashtra. Well known for trekking, Karjat is surrounded by steep slopes.
Karjat provides excellent roadways to the mesmerizing Western Ghats. Tourists frequent Karjat because of its accessibility and closeness to Ghats. Karjat’s scenic view makes it a flawless beauty.
The entire area consists of mountains. These mountains are easily connected by rail from Mumbai. Karjat is centrally located with roads branching out to Murbad, Kalyan, Shahpur, Kasara Ghat on one side and Khapoli , Khalapur, Neral, Ambarnath, Badlapur, Panvel, Pen on the other.
Ulhas Valley
This valley glitters with large flowing streams of Ulhas river. It offers breathtaking sights during the monsoons, when the water falls gush through the thick greenery of the valley. There are a number of tunnels in the Ulhas valley, which helps the trains to pass through the valley.
Bhor Ghat
This ghat has a historical significance. It was the ancient trade route connecting the ports at Choul, Revdanda, Panvel, etc. on the Konkan coast and the hinterland on the Deccan plateau.
Trekking Villages
Karjat is well known for trekking because of its hideous valley routes and slopes.
Villages, where trekking is advisable are
Kondheshwar Temple
This temple is located in Sandshi. The beautiful architecture of the temple makes it a favourite tourist spot.
Bahiri Cave
This cave is famous for trekking. Its characteristic long and strenuous streches makes it a challenging trekking adventure. However it is advised that an expert should accompany a trekking trip in this cave.
This cave stands facing the Ulhas Valley at an altitude of 600m. this cave is religious for many Hindu devotees. On the day of Chaitra Purnima a fair is held in the area.
Nakhind is a hill, that stands at an altitude of 704m high.This hill is marked by the flawless view of the ghats.
This magnificient massif stands at a height of 790m . Chanderi is joined to a group of “four pinnacles” called Mhasmal. A cave at the base of Chanderi is famous for one-day trekking.
Bhimashankar Area
Located in the Sajyadri ranges, Bhimashankar is a huge massif, with a thick reserve forest. It stands at an altitude of 1005m. At the top of this massif, there is a huge plateau where the Bhimashankar town and the Bhimashankar temple are situated. Bhimashankar is a popular pilgrimage spot, since the Bhimshankar templem dedicayed to Lord Shiva is one of the 12 Jyotirlingas of Shiva. The highest point of the massif is Nagphani, because it looks like the hood of a cobra from a distance. The Bhima river originates from here and flows down towards the Deccan.
An interesting conical hill, Peth offers a spectacular view of a thumb like pinnacle. The pinnacle is a fort, and is known as Kotligad. Peth oofers breathtaking views of the Konkan Country side, Western Ghats and Matheran Ranges.
How to reach to Karjat
Nearest Airport to Karjat can be Mumbai as well as Pune
Karjat is well connected by rail.Local trains gofrom Mumbai CST (Mumbai VT) to Karjat. It takes 2 hours and 40 minutes to reach Karjat by a slow local.
By road, Karjat is 100km from Mumbai. State buses play from Mumbai to Karjat.
Where To Stay:
There are a few well-known farms and hotels in Karjat. One amongst them is Satya Health Farm / Prakruti Farms / Dr Modis Resort.
Best Time to Visit
Karjat is well known for trekking during the monsoons and the winters. So the best time to visit can be November to August.
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